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About OSHA Plans and Manuals

The STOP Accidents Safety Program

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Since 1998, our mission is to provide for our clients the best customized Safety Plans and Programs: (The STOP Accidents Safety Program), Injury Illness Prevention Programs, IIPP, Tank Entry Supervisor Training, and customized Safety and Operation Training programs. We believe that safety is not only a workplace concern but also a public heath issue.

We believe that safety begins at home. It is for this reason that we have used the STOP Accidents Safety Program TSH (Take Safety Home) in the prevention of off the job injuries as a means to assist our clients with workplace safety issues. Take what you learn about Safety, teach and practice it at home with your family. An injured employee from a home accident or incident cannot fully contribute to your work operations or take part in family activities, resulting in loss of personal income and productivity.

At OSHA Plans, we are proud that thousands of clients including local, state, federal and private entities have engaged our services to assist them in their accident prevention efforts and our assistance has reduced costs, reduced injuries and most importantly saved lives!
Customized OSHA Plans

Get a professionally written downloadable customized OSHA Safety Program for your business today, ready in just 30 minutes!

Written Policies & Procedures are mandated for most activities you perform by OSHA Standards. Our OSHA Safety Experts know these standards.

If You don't have the time to write a Safety and Health Program from scratch, or if you don't have the expertise in house or someone to write one for you, then let us assist in writing a complete OSHA compliant safety program for you.

Save Money on your Liability Insurance and Workers' Compensation Premiums!

Safety Plans and Safety Manuals are being demanded by Insurance Carriers in almost every state just to Bind Coverage. You'll Save More Money on your Insurance Premiums than the cost of this Program!

We Provide Written Health & Safety Programs, IIPP's, and Safety Manuals to Insurance Agencies and Consultants that help their clients lower their Workers Compensation Premiums!

OSHA Plans on Sale NOW!

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