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OSHA Assistance


OSHA Plans and Manuals, an ICU Corporation provides an array of occupational health and safety services to clients wishing to outsource all or some of their obligations in this area. Our consultants provide guidance to assist corporations of all sizes to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and to fulfill their obligation to protect their employees and provide a safe work environment.

Health and Safety Management System Development

The STOP Accidents Safety Programs are an effective base to develop an effective health and safety management system. The STOP Accidents Program provides the framework for developing and implementing improvements in workplace health and safety. Our consultants offer experience in the establishment of overall corporate safety structures and individual procedures. All systems are designed in accordance with the organization's needs, and are based on pertinent regulations and standards.

Health and Safety Management Training

OSHA PLANS provides clients with the training programs and manuals, technical writing and guidance required to successfully implement, administer and further develop their own in-house health and safety and training management systems. The main objective of this training is to ensure each client's management and supervisors have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the rationale, purpose, structure and components of such a system. The training will also cover how the system would be integrated into the company's overall management of its business. We believe in training your supervisors to be the trainers for your company. The supervisors know your business and team members better than an outside training source.

Health and Safety Auditing Services

Regular safety auditing serves to maintain worker safety consciousness and confirm management support for proactive health and safety management systems. Our auditors have years of practical experience to objectively evaluate and assess systems, help identify compliance deficiencies, and offer suggestions for corrective action. OSHA PLANS auditors are certified to provide Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits, annual maintenance audits, or re-certification audits.

Other OH&S Consulting Services
  • Accident investigation/Prevention
  • Contractor pre-qualification
  • Hazard / task / job assessment
  • Safety meeting materials and speakers
  • Assistance in Changing your Safety Culture (BBS)
  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP)
  • Technical Writing for Special Projects
  • ERP auditing, evaluation and drills

OSHA PLANS, LLC employs various safety professionals and experts working within many aspects of the occupational health and safety consulting field. Qualifications and certifications include:

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, Occupational Health and Safety Diploma

American Registered Safety Professional (through Board of American Registered Safety Professionals)

Certified Health and Safety Consultant (through American Society of Safety Engineers)

Certified Petroleum Health and Safety Auditors (through OSHA PLANS and the CSTRA)

Certified Construction Health and Safety Auditors (through American Construction Safety Association)

Certified Instructors (through various postsecondary institutions)

Certified National Construction Safety Officers (through Construction Safety Associations)

Certified Master Trainer (through the Confined Space Technical Rescue Association

Level IV Incident Commander (Department of Emergency Management, FEMA, Department of Defense)

Emergency Management Specialist (Department of Emergency Management, FEMA)

Certified IDLH Confined Space Technical Rescue (through the CSTRA, STOP)

Certified OSHA Safety Specialist (through OSHA Plans and various postsecondary institutions)

Certified Safety and Rescue MSHA (through Mine Health and Safety Administration)

T-2 Instructor OCS Orders Safety and Anti Pollution Devices

Drilling and Work over Well Control Instructor Offshore Semi Submersibles, Drill Ships and Jack Ups.

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