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Regulatory issues can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. We have specific expertise with the regulations, the regulatory process, and the agencies that write and enforce the regulations. Our senior staff has decades of experience within government and industry, and has dealt with most regulatory issues. We also have extensive regulatory research capabilities, so we can resolve any open issues in a timely manner.

Our Senior Staff

We STOP I.N.C.'s (Incidents of Non Compliance). We know how to build compliance programs that stand the test of time. Of course, the plans and manuals that we develop are complete, accurate, and in conformance with the regulatory requirements. However, a written manual or plan is just the start of an effective compliance program. We routinely include record-keeping systems, audits, forms, written procedures, training, and ongoing compliance assistance to our clients.

What is a Safety Audit

A safety audit is a diagnostic tool used to assess and evaluate safety and health activities in a workplace. Safety audits also provide information on the effectiveness of your prevention activities and indicates areas where action is needed to reduce worker exposures to hazardous machinery and substances.

Why Perform Safety Audits?

A written safety program and training do not assure you of safety on the job. Safety audits of work areas should be conducted periodically to show that management is committed to safety. Safety audits also:
• Measure how well your safety program is functioning.
• Identify problem areas which needs attention.
• Monitor the effects of changes in the safety program.
• Provide regular reviews ensuring continuous improvement in safety.
• Allow input from all personnel on the practicality of safety measures.

The Audit Process

OSHA Plans and Manuals, an ICU Corporation conducts safety audits of facilities and sites in any industry. Safety audits include Worker Compensation document analysis, work area inspections, and interviews with on-site staff and employees. In addition, we review the company's Health and Safety Program, work procedures, operation of the safety committee (if constituted), accident investigation reports, and the Emergency Action Plan.

After each safety audit we submit a detailed report identifying each observed violation and or potential violations. We will then put together a corrective action plan of all violated OSHA standards, and suggest a corrective action plan. Our safety audit report also identifies those work areas that should have a Job Safety Analysis performed. We think you'll agree that safety audits are in your best interest. Call us today for more information on how our safety audits can help your organization!

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