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IQCIA's Unique Approach to Learning

The S.M.A.R.T. Testing System

Understanding vs. Memorization               

IQCIA's approach is to assure understanding the responsibilities and roles and expectations of a Individual Qualified and Certified professional is revolutionary in the training industry for adult learning. The IQC program utilizes our patented method S.M.A.R.T. (Statistically Measured Retainability Testing). The SMART method identifies existing knowledge, any misinformation, while finding the strengths and weak areas of each candidate. The SMART method provides the QCO (Qualifying Certification Officer) with the valuable information of each candidate to adjust the course curriculum for that class and each individual to assure that the weak areas are made stronger , any misinformation corrected, and the strong areas even stronger. Practical application is the key to understanding and learning, typically most companies emphasize memorization as an instructional technique. This usually involves flash cards similar to those used in grade school for insuring the transfer and retention of basic facts and terminology to young students. This is only the first step in training. While it is true that portions of the certification exams rely heavily on memory, memory alone does not ensure recall and retainability of the information required to answer the questions, nor does it provide the understanding required to apply the information independently in the field during problem solving applications.

Broad Expertise vs. Limited Resources

Multidisciplinary curriculums covering everything from confined space assessments to internal collapsed floating roofs, the regulations, laws and other supporting document review can be difficult for a single individual to address. To ensure accurate coverage of all these diverse areas we use instructors with extensive backgrounds and the best credentials to write, edit, and present our courses. No one instructor may be an authority in all areas; but all instructors have access to those who are. This cooperative development ensures accuracy and added depth that other companies can not match with their limited resources and lack of hands-on-experience. Candidates attending our courses after attending others have commented on our added in-depth coverage. The real field experiences shared during discussions on the various recommended practices, helps the understanding process, and allows the student to apply that knowledge where it counts the most, in the field.

The IQCIA QCO Master Instructor Qualifications
IQC TES Master Instructor has compiled 33 years experience with AST operations from a operator, supervisor, project management, rescue, inspection and repairs capcity. The past 13 years has been primarily working with Above Ground Storage Tank disasters, and IDLH Tank operations. The IQC Program employs various instructors, safety professionals and experts working within many aspects of the occupational health, safety and training consulting field.

Instructor Qualifications and Certifications include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, Occupational Health and Safety Diploma
  • American Registered Safety Professional (through Board of American Registered Safety Professionals)
  • Certified Health and Safety Consultant (through American Society of Safety Engineers)
  • Certified Petroleum Health and Safety Auditors (through OSHA PLANS and the CSTRA)
  • Certified Construction Health and Safety Auditors (through American Construction Safety Association)
  • Certified Instructors (through various postsecondary institutions)
  • Certified National Construction Safety Officers (through Construction Safety Associations)
  • Certified Master Trainer (through the IQC/Confined Space Technical Rescue Association
  • Level IV Incident Commander (Department of Emergency Management, FEMA, Department of Defense)
  • Emergency Management Specialist (Department of Emergency Management, FEMA)
  • Certified IDLH Confined Space Technical Rescue (through the Confined Space Technical Rescue Association)
  • Certified OSHA Safety Specialist (through OSHA Plans and various postsecondary institutions)
  • Certified Safety and Rescue MSHA (through Mine Health and Safety Administration)

Location, Timing, and Value (See our TES Class Schedule)

Value is a point we make well. Course content and presentation are our main priorities. However, location, accommodations, and timing are also important. I have personally attended courses in expensive, isolated hotels on the access road to an airport, and at inexpensive locations that suited the training organization's budget but not my or our company needs. I realized that with a little more effort and thought, a better location could have been found. We bring the training to a location close to your base and choose hotels offering safety, convenience, comfort, and good value for your money. Most include extra room amenities such as coffee makers or microwaves in the rooms. We do our best to schedule courses in locations where exams are given or that are convenient to our clients, and present the courses months and weeks prior to the examination date. This avoids additional travel expense and travel time for our course participants.

Originality, Experience, and Commitment

IQCIA and our Qualification Certification Officer's originated API TES prep courses in 1998. We have attended the API Task Group on Tank Entry Supervisors, Cribbing Recommended Practices, Technical Tank Rescue and specific inspection document committee meetings, writing recommended practices and guidelines, and have contributed to the development and improvement of the programs and recommended practices as well. We are also politically active in supporting acceptance of API programs in the legal jurisdictions that regulate, or are considering regulation, of the equipment covered by industry standards. We are committed to acceptance of the API codes, recommended practices and standards. We have and will continue to invest our money, time, and corporate resources in supporting API Tank Entry Supervisor Certification Programs. We put our resources to work to ensure the value of your certifications

We Do Not Compete With You
It is not uncommon for training to be offered by other inspection or service companies or their related affiliates. Individual Qualification Certification Institute of America (IQCIA) is not an inspection or engineering company doing training on the side. We do not want to hire your personnel, or sell you inspection services, Tank Entry Supervisors, or engineering services. IQCIA is a non profit organization that the primary concern is providing the BEST industry training and certifications available. We will not bid against you while you write the IQC check.
If you are not ready to choose IQCIA TES Certification now, give me a call at 1-800-716-2761


David Bush
Chairman, IQCIA Board

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