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Unique Open Style Training

Frequently Asked Questions about "Unique Open Style Training"

What are the main advantages of the IQCIA 'unique open style' training?
In the first instance, group dynamics. You are learning alongside fellow participants from other companies, disciplines, experience levels, professional levels and even other cultures, so you acquire valuable insights into wider aspects of the oil and gas industry with special focus on confined space and tank operations, and other ways of doing things. In each class you get to witness the excitement of the participant?s learning new and old industry practices.

Also, our open training courses are exactly that - offer a safe, open learning environment in which it's always easy (and indeed encouraged) to ask the simple question ? which is not always true back in the workplace. We discuss, research and reach conclusions.

Participating in an open training course makes you feel more confident in your own knowledge, and prepared to challenge and promote change and improvement back in your workplace. Participating in the open discussions prepares the student for communication and supervisor leadership skills.

On top of which, many participants choose to stay in contact with their fellow students after the course, which is a good way to compare notes on how knowledge gain is being implemented, or benchmark other post-course experiences. The key to knowledge is how well we can improve it, and how well we can pass it along.

What sort of atmosphere can I expect to find on an IQCIA training courses?
All our staff trainers are agreed on the value of creating a learning environment which is relaxed, enjoyable and fun. When you create a relaxed, informal classroom environment, participants simply learn more, contribute more and participate more proactively.

Our trainers start every course connecting with the participants and breaking down any barriers as quickly as possible.

As well as overcoming any inhibitions participants may initially feel in wanting to refer to their own personal experiences or situation, having a relaxed environment also often brings out new skills. Many participants with little prior presenting experience, for example, grow very naturally into this role during the course and often end up making confident and highly competent team presentations.

And the learning doesn?t stop in the classroom. Our staff trainers enjoy mingling informally with participants over lunch, comparing experiences and discussing individual perspectives on wider industry issues which have arisen out of the course.

How much experience does IQCIA have in delivering in-house training?
Since the early 1985, we have designed and delivered thousands of tailored in-house training courses for operators, contractors, and service companies in the international oil and gas industry. Our in-house training activities are approximately as popular as our open training courses.

For this particular training market, all course material is customized to be company-specific and developed wherever possible in close consultation with client management and HR/training departments.

In-house training courses share many of the participant benefits of open courses ? productive group dynamics, practical application of theory and personal access to some of the most experienced trainers in the industry, for example ? but also have the added advantage of offering a more specific company focus.

All the OSHA PLANS International open training courses described elsewhere at this website are also available on a tailored, in-house basis, but many other courses covering a wide range of topics have also been specially developed for client companies, in many cases for long-term, repeat delivery.

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